steep and deep Happo One

  After a few month of surfing, we’re on our way to the powder country! We’ve been dreaming for years to discover this paradise after having seen hundreds of videos showing that incredibly light powder! Leaving hot and humid Manila, we land just a few hours later in the cold and busy city of Tokyo. We wanted to stay one day to see a Japanese friend that I met 8 years before on a beach in California. Yoshimi will show us the Shinjuku neighbourhood, bring us to a nice restaurant and introduce her little family. She was so happy to see us ! It brings some warmth in this cold and rainy weather!!! After a few hours in this huge and […]

A good day in Stimpy's!!

    After a few weeks in Indo, Simon asked me if I wanted to join some girlfriends earlier than we were expected in the Philippines. So we booked a few flight to the small island of Siargao to be able to surf with them before they flew back to Switzerland, and it wasn’t long until we met them in Cloud Nine in Dalvina’s beautiful lodge where I had the chance to stay two years before. And just in time for her birthday!!      As soon as we arrived, we could enjoy beautiful surf conditions in the two spots you can access by walking from Emerald House, Quiksilver and the infamous and heavy Cloud 9. But also to those […]


  Our first stop in Indonesia was planned in Lombok to see our friend Gwad who just moved from Switzerland to the land of the perfect waves. When we knew that Simon’s father was spending a few days in Bali, we changed our plans, cancelled our connecting flight to Lombok and took a taxi to Sanur during our transit in Denpasar. During two days, we enjoyed our time with Jean-Mi, by the swimming pool, with Bintangs and the most special gift straight from home, Petite Arvine, Gruyere cheese and swiss chocolates… Simon will even spend a couple of hours in the surf in front of the hotel, he will paddle and surf by himself the 8ft swell with light offshore […]


  For us, Australia was a place we didn’t want to miss during our round-the-world trip. Unfortunately  it wasn’t at the best time of the year for the waves, but we caught a few good ones… We also wanted to see some of the friends we met travelling and trough snowboarding. We first went to see Dan, a friend that Simon has met on a surftrip in Portugal. He hosted us with is Brasilian fiancée Sarah in their Manly appartment. Straight out of the plane, we went to his parent’s house where all his family was waiting for us to share  a somptuous Vietnamese dinner. To be so warmly welcome in this family went straight to our heart. We also […]

Les habitants de la Nouvelle Zélande

    After 5 months on the african continent, our trip around the world continues with Oceania. 3 days in Sydney to leave our surfboard for three weeks, they will be waiting for us at Dan’s place, a friend that Simon’s met 5 years from now on the beaches of Portugal. Now let’s go back to the cold and to snowboarding, in New Zealand where I had the chance to spend a whole season in 2001. I was really happy to make Simon discover those wonderful landscapes and the calm of these lakes with incredible reflexions.     In Christchurch, two swiss friends were waiting for us. Simon’s sister had send to their place two boxes containing boots, bindings, outerwear, […]


    We choose Madagascar as a destination for its surfs spots that we wanted to explore and also to discover its wonderful landscapes. As one of the poorest country in the world, we surely could help some people with our filters too. We had an appointment with Jeremys, a local guide who had received our filters from Switzerland, brought by two nice tourists that went travelling Mada. It was all organised by Jacques from Corail Voyage in Lausanne, his travel agency is specialized in that beautiful country. Big thanks to him for the help and all the good tips. Filters in our backpacks, we choose to head straight out of the capital and take a taxi 200km south to […]


This ancient portuguese colony was on our itinerary but we weren’t sure about the safety there. Not knowing the latest political situation, we waited to be closer in South Africa to ask around about the situation in the country. The majority of the southern coastline is used to tourism since a few years and is pretty safe. Despite the fact that it’s complicated to move around the country (roads and public transports are in bad conditions), we enjoyed the landscapes and the warmth of the local people. After so many years of civil war, most of them are happy to see foreigners interested in their country and improve the local economy. The cost of living there, for a country this […]


After travelling for 24hour, we finally land in Cape Town.  Going through the customs was a bit hectic given the fact we hadn’t a plane ticket for leaving the country.  After some long minutes of explanation about our project and the fact we travel freestyle, not knowing how and when we gonna cross the border of Mozambique, they let us go. Marc was waiting for us in the arrivals, ready to make us discover his city. We will then spend a very nice week with his wife Louisa and their two kids, Micha and Luca.   Table mountain and Simon’s Town penguins to see postcard like Cape Town, but also Hermanus for easter week end on the beach, surfing in […]

petit apres midi et ballade dans le port d'Essaouira

    To conclude with our first destination, here’s a few pictures taken along the morroccan coast. We’re still in touch with Mountain Propre NGO to organize a new crowdfunding for bringing more filters in the High Atlas area. The need for clean water there is much more important than on the villages we’ve been to on the coast. We’ll keep you posted when the  ”Riding For Water Atlas” project will be online .   B’slama   Imessouane, and its beautifull  longboard wave spot. Some rides of more than 2 minutes when all the stars align. For us, it was already more than a minute… Incredible!!! It was nice to meet local surfer Tarek from Planet Surf Morroco, Imssouane. He made us taste and love longboarding […]


Yahooo nous voilà au Maroc! En compagnie de Noé qui nous a rejoint spécialement pour accompagner Simon sur les hauts sommets de l’Atlas.  À défaut de pouvoir rider et surtout faire de la split board pour encore quelques semaines. Nous avons été accueillis comme des rois chez Aniko de l’association Mountain propre, qui vit depuis déjà quelques années au dernier étage d’une belle petite maison située dans le nouveau centre de  Marrakech. Elle n’avait pas manqué de préparer sur sa terrasse un apéro de bienvenue avec une bonne bouteille de sahari blanc. Une femme extraordinaire, qui partage son temps à travers plusieurs activités dont une principale comme co fondatrice de l’association Mountain propre. Durant cette première soirée, elle nous fournira quelques […]

IMG_2763 copy

Ce post pour annoncer le premier imprévu de notre voyage. Lors d’un simple contrôle médical, on a découvert un kyste chez Géraldine. Rien de dramatique tant que ça reste stable mais mieux vaut l’enlever avant que ça n’explose dans une zone sans hôpitaux… L’intervention a donc eu lieu jeudi soir et Géraldine a pu sortir samedi matin de l’hôpital. Des hauts et des bas au niveau du moral car bien que nous puissions maintenir la date de notre départ au 17 mars pour le Maroc, Géraldine devra encore rester sans porter de charge ni faire de sport pendant 3 semaines pour être certain que la cicatrisation soit parfaite. Je serai donc le seul a pouvoir faire de la splitboard et […]


Nous tenons à profiter de ce post pour remercier nos partenaires et amis qui nous ont aidés ou nous soutiendrons au long de cette année. Merci à ceux qui ont déjà permis l’achat de 6 filtres et à ceux qui le feront ces prochains jours… Je remets le lien ici ;) Premièrement si vous pouvez lire ceci, c’est grâce aux talents en informatique de Pierre Volet. Découvrez également son travail photographique sur Le logo que vous pouvez apprécier à été réalisé par Seb Fasel, graphiste chez Emphase  à Lausanne. Son travail sur Notre online shop bientôt disponible avec l’aide de David du magasin Boarder’s Park à Nyon, passez le voir pour des vrais bons conseils en snowboard depuis […]


  Nous avons passé un super lundi dans la station de Thyon dans les 4 vallées avec Arnaud Derib, photographe et animateur radio chez Vertical. Belle occasion de profiter de la poudreuse et du beau temps tout en enregistrant une nouvelle émission radio. Tous les dimanches matin aux alentours de 8h20 vous pourrez nous entendre dans l’émission M2 (pour musique et montagne) d’Arnaud. Vertical est pour l’instant une web radio mais elle sera sur les ondes DAB+ et vous pourrez nous écouter dans la voiture en montant rider (si vous avez un autoradio plus récent que celui de ma Subaru Justy de 1991…). En plus, la programmation musicale est vraiment bien, pas de musique “commerciale” et presque pas de publicité… […]


Huitième étape: Philippines


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